Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jones' Progress (not Pilgrims')

Janell went back to work today and managed to get in eight hours! She has been somewhat sleep deprived in the last week, due to taking care of the grandkids for a few days. But, oh, how she enjoyed that! If I made enough on my own, she could stay home and do just that, if Tina (their other grandmother) would let her! Does anyone out there need a good Christian salesman/customer service/mfg rep (no insurance, financial planning or home remod. sales, please!) I love where I work but I'd need to double my salary! Back to Janell, she is doing very well. This week will be rough on her mentally moreso than physically. But I believe she was ready to go back.
I spoke in my home church yesterday morning and I have a new appreciation for preachers who have so much to say and try to get it in within 30-40 minutes. I omitted the special music portion of the service, giving myself an extra 5 minutes and still filled up 50 minutes. And I left some out as I went along just in case. But the congregation was so polite. No one got up and left, I heard no cell phones or watch alarms at 12:00, and though there were no public decisions, so many kindly spoke to me afterwards. My pastor described it as the most incredible down to earth testimony he's ever heard. He knew nothing of Brandons journey except that he was called home. I think he was being kind by saying down to earth because a speaker I AIN'T! But people, it did feel right. I had the same feeling there as I did the time 20 years ago when I went in studio and recorded a casette project (yes between 8 tracs and CD's). I knew my first minute behind that big ole'mic w/windscreen that I was where God wanted me at that moment in my life.
I am still praying that if God wills it, I will be asked to speak or sing somewhere Sunday evening, the 27th., as I return from Gulfport. But if not, I'll just stop in somewhere between there and home, and worship with unknown brothers and sisters. How many people visit somewhere on Sunday night anymore? Still yet, how many churches have dropped their evening services? Why this old Southern Baptist geezer just might take in a Pentecostal, Church of God or Holiness service. But bet your bottom dollar, I'll check the stage area for those snake boxes! I didn't follow through last week on my Brandon Remembered Series, and I apologize. I was so involved with laying out my story for Sunday and taking care of grandkids, I just forgot. But I will start again this week, I promise. Also, I heard from the writer for the Birmingham News this week that our story will appear sometime the week of Thanksgiving.
I'll be back....

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