Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

  1. I want to thank each of you who are praying and will continue. This is answers to your prayers, and proof God hears us. I want to mention my oncologist, John Piede (pronounced PD). He is a Christian physician, God led me to him through unusual channels, and I have no doubt God is leading him. I ask that you pray for him. He is new in the practice, but is supposedly one of the premier oncologists to come to Birmingham in a long time. He is at Alabama Oncology, working out of St. Vincent's hospital. I am blessed and humbled to be one of his patients, and I know that my fight is not over, but it's great to have him on my side.


  2. I still have a ways to go, and I do not take his healing thus far for granted. I will continue to seek His face, pray for complete healing, never to return, and hopefully some open doors to go and share my story. Thanks to all who are and have prayed, please don't let up.

  3. Just received a call from my Oncologist. Yes, at 8:30 tonight, he is still working. He just called me with results from my scans done this afternoon. Doesn't that say a lot about him! He could have waited till tomorrow, but he had good news. Every spot of cancer that was there when I was diagnosed, is now clear except for one adrenal gland. AND THAT INCLUDES THE PRIMARY MASS IN THE ESOPHAGUS/STOMA...CH AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the spot in the adrenal gland is not any bigger or smaller, just unchanged. I still have 5 treatments to go, starting tomorrow. God has been so incredibly good to me and faithful, that I can't say enough, and words seem so trivial. Praise and thanksgiving to the name above all other names in heaven & earth, Jesus Christ, my healer and redeemer! See More


  4. Trial chemo company protocol is I must have scan before receiving chemo. My kidney counts still would not allow one with contrast, but company agreed to take one with no contrast, so I got that done late this afternoon and will know something about it tomorrow. Either chemo tomorrow or visit the diabetic dr. to discuss kidneys.

  6. My scan didn't happen, kidneys still out of sync and had to have another litre of fluids. Will have PET scan and MRI next week after chemo on Mon.


  7. Unable to do scan today. Kidney counts out of whack, and was slightly dehydrated. Will try again in the morning. Supposed to get chemo on Mondays from now on, hopefully to be at church on Sundays.


  8. 33 years ago today, God made Janell & I parents. Never did we expect what his life would be like. As a young boy, he soaked up Bible stories, prayed regularly at mealtime, and was a good kid. I remember one time at Quincy's in Midfield, a large crowd of family members met for Sunday lunch. Brandon wanted to pray, so I told he needed to be loud enough that everyone at he table could hear him. In a ...voice loud enough to be heard by our half of the dining room, he started "Dear God" and every fork in that restaurant went quiet. When he finished, there was some light applause. That was the fist prayer of his I remember. The last one I distinctly remember was him talking to God in the chapel at UAB and giving his life totally to God for whatever God wanted to use him for. And oh my, did he use him. We quit counting at 400 professions of faith and a thousand or so rededications. Yes, his life was short. 3 weeks shy of his twentieth birthday, he collected his crowns and rewards from the Father. He had done what he promised, and when the last soul was reached that was charged to him, he was called home. Friends, that is the way it will be with all of us. I am honored God used my son to teach me faith, such unwavering faith, and obedience and trust. He knew he would not live long. He told Garrett three years before he died that he would not be here to see him graduate, but he would see Kevin's, Just as he knew his journey, I know mine. God is not through with me. Can I tell you when my time will come . No. But He has put assurance in my heart that I will not die by this cancer.

    Thank you son, for teaching your old man how to live, have faith, and yes, how to die. You were an incredible example to me. Happy Birthday Brandon.
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  9. My CD's are now available at Mt. Olive Pharmacy, just off the interstate a mile or two, on the left. Nice people who own it, members of FBC Mt. Olive I think. Anyway, they are $15 and should be on a counter somewhere, ask if you don't see them. Looking forward to God opening the door for me to speak/sing out that way in the next month or two.

    I have a CT scan this Thursday, looking forward to having a "all's clear" report. Please continue you prayers for us.


  10. Had a gods visit with Bob Sellers, lead singer for the Kingsmen Quartet, and Joe Kirkpatrick, (a great bass singer) in Pell City last night

    Photo: Had a gods visit with Bob Sellers, lead singer for the Kingsmen Quartet, and Joe Kirkpatrick, (a great bass singer) in Pell City last night

  11. I was blessed today to be honored for 24 years as music director at Sandusky FBC. I don't deserve any recognition for just being faithful to His call on my life, but it was very humbling to see how much people care. I then got to go see the KIngsmen Quartet in Pell City tonight, with my good friend and brother in Christ, lead singer Bob Sellers. What a concert and ministry they do. I am tuckered out, as we call it down here in the south, but it's a good tired. Thanks to all who came and supported me with prayers and kind words. They are greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing with other churches as God leads and opens doors.

  12. I am available next Sunday evening, the 22nd, for sharing my journey in testimony and song. You can email me at DFJJJ@ATT.NET or call me at 205-966-6604. It would need to be within 1 1/2 hour drive from Birmingham


  13. Just a reminder that I am being honored on June 22 for 24 years as music director at Sandusky FBC. If you care to come, you are welcome. There will be a lunch afterwards, so bring a dish or come eat what is brought by others. 11:00 service, hope you'll come.

  14. This past week has been one of memories. Brandon, my oldest son passed away June 10, 2001 and Garrett passed away June 5, 2011. Had you told me 20 years ago, I would bury two sons in their teens or twenties, I would have said God would not do that to me. I have served Him for almost twenty five years. Maybe one son, but never two.

    But folks, God is not a respecter of persons. In other words, I ...don't believe He treats one Christian better than He does another. Billy Graham was called to win a certain number of souls to Christ before he is called home. So am I, and so are you, if you are a Christian. We each have a journey laid out by God Himself, before we were ever born. We are to carry out that journey because we are called to do so. And He will equip us to do what ever He calls us to do, IN SPITE of what happens in our lives. What we go through here, builds our faith, character, trust and witness, if we let it. Sure, we can let it tear us down, shatter our trust and faith and cripple our witness. But that is not what He wants, not what He planned, and surely is not what is best for us.

    Cancer, strokes, tornadoes and trials of this life are what God knew I would go through. Prayers for Garrett Jones Facebook page has been a result of some of that, Brandon's ministry was a powerful result of his journey, and God's mercy, care, grace and guidance is what I can truthfully say has carried, guided and made me what I am today... just an ole sinner, saved by grace. May I be found faithful, and may He say "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." God bless you for your prayers for me and my family. We are grateful.

Yesterday was Jennifer's birthday. I will always treasure the short time she was a part of our lives. Such a sweet spirit, and she loved Garrett so much. I am grateful for the time we had her. Garrett passed away on June 5th, so this week has been a little tough. I still believe she got her birthday wish in Heaven, when he showed up.
I want to let everyone know, if you've been interested in having me come speak and share our journey with your church, I'm available on the 15th and 22nd, evening services only. The 15th could be iffy, if chemo knocks me down this week, but I'm expecting God to allow me to speak, if He opens the door for me. I normally take about 40-45 minutes (including a song or two). Feel free to contact me at DFJJJ@ATT.NET if you are interested. Of course, talk with your pastor first, and then he or you can contact me. This is my calling, I'm sure. But it's His timimg.

Chemo started back yesterday, but not kicking me as hard since I've been 4 weeks since my last one. Praying for just 4 more treatments, but Dr says 8 more, and Janell says I don't have M.D. after my name. We'll see.
June 22nd, three weeks from today, Sandusky FBC has decided to honor my 24 years of service as their music director. I am humbled over such attention, but they want to do it, so it's official. I would like to invite old choir members, church members, friends and family to come that morning at 10:45. Choir members are going to do a special, so we need you there no later than 10:30 that morning. If are just a friend of ours, but never a SFBC member, you are still invited to come. You can sing in the choir with us, (I'm serious, it won't be something difficult) or just come and sit with Janell and family. We will have lunch afterwards, so if you can bring some covered dish, that would be great. If you can't fix something, come anyway. There is always PLENTY of food and desserts, so please make my day complete by joining us. It's an "off-chemo" weeks so I should feel pretty good, and your presence will just bless me even more. Please join us. The church is just outside of Forestdale a couple of miles, (off Hiway 78) . Very easy to find. Hope you'll set that in ink on your calendar!

Enjoying feeling human again. Because of infections and fevers, I did not get chemo 2 weeks ago, and it's given me a few days of feeling almost normal. Still weak, but blessed. I get back to schedule this Wednesday. Sad face. But so thankful He is hearing ya'lls prayers!

I praising and Thanking God for my scan results. The doctor said it was God answering prayer. He rarely sees this much progress in 4 treatments. He was thrilled, gave me and Janell high fives and said keep praying. I am scheduled for 8 more treatments if I can tolerate them. Please keep praying, God is hearing you!

Hello everybody. This week my white counts must be down, because although I felt decent Mon & Tues, yesterday and today I've been pretty weak. Hard to sleep at night when you do nothing during the day. My body isn't ready to sleep because I haven't exhausted it, and sleeping pills don't help anymore. Seems like I've developed restless leg syndrome because I can't keep my legs still when trying to go to sleep. But this too will pass. Looking forward to CT scan Monday, and hearing the results Wed. Thanks for your prayers.

Sunday evening and I'm starting to feel human again. This chemo stuff will flat kick your hiney. But that's OK, my son handled it and he's my inspiration right now. I'm grateful for all of you that are praying for me. Whether God uses the poison, or touches me or however He chooses to heal me, you will know you had a part in my miracle. I know a lot of you are praying also for my family. Thank you again. I know Brandon got his toughness from Janell. She's bearing this load by the prayers you pray for her. God bless each one of you

Well, chemo again tomorrow, so we will probably make it to church tomorrow night, and Thursday will start my downhill slide. Should get a scan in about 4 weeks (treatment number 5 in two weeks). Then we'll see what God's been up to. Thanks to everyone praying for our family during this. Nice story in this last Sundays paper about Alpine Street by Mike Oliver (you can read it on I t...hink. That was the street Garrett & Jenn lived on. Yeah three years.
Last night Janell and I left the house about 10:15 when the 2nd storm in south Tuscaloosa started the same path toward Concord and Hueytown. We drove and eventually wound up in the parking lot of the school in Helena, where we sat and listened to James Spann reporting. When he stated the storm had passed Oak Grove and was heading behind Concord and headed direct path for Hueytown, I just prayed, "God, Janell and I can't handle anything else happening right now. Please keep that tornado away from our house." And 5 minutes later James stated the tornado that was headed for Hueytown had evidently left the ground and gone back up. I cried. There is NO DOUBT in my mind God heard and answered that prayer. I pray He answers my other prayers the same way.

I would like to thank the sweet folks at Clements Rd Baptist. We had an awesome service, the Spirit moved in some hearts and we are so humbled to be asked to share our journey. Chemo is this week, and gout has me by the left leg again. I do not like this senior citizen hater. I can't help it if I'm good looking and a slimmed down 240 lbs. Won't be long till I can show my grandson my abs. He doesn't believe me when I say they're hidden under my extra skin.?????

Tomorrow morning I will be privileged to be speaking at Clements Rd. Baptist Church in Cottondale at 11:00 AM. It is the 3 year anniversary of the tornado That took so many lifes and caused such destruction. Please pray for me, that I will deliver the message God wants them to hear. Chemo on Wed of this week and I need prayers that I can do the Sunday morning service of the 4th. Thanks.

What a beautiful Resurrection Day we were blessed with. God gave me the strength to make it to church, with Kevin, Marlo and the grandsons and Janell. I couldn't do the music, but Wayne Goodwin filled in for me. Chemo this past Wed has me knocked down, but looking forward to hearing that chemo is working in about 4-6 weeks. Thanks to all who continue to pray for me. God healing me is my only answer and I'm believing in Him to do just that.