Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Well, chemo again tomorrow, so we will probably make it to church tomorrow night, and Thursday will start my downhill slide. Should get a scan in about 4 weeks (treatment number 5 in two weeks). Then we'll see what God's been up to. Thanks to everyone praying for our family during this. Nice story in this last Sundays paper about Alpine Street by Mike Oliver (you can read it on I t...hink. That was the street Garrett & Jenn lived on. Yeah three years.
Last night Janell and I left the house about 10:15 when the 2nd storm in south Tuscaloosa started the same path toward Concord and Hueytown. We drove and eventually wound up in the parking lot of the school in Helena, where we sat and listened to James Spann reporting. When he stated the storm had passed Oak Grove and was heading behind Concord and headed direct path for Hueytown, I just prayed, "God, Janell and I can't handle anything else happening right now. Please keep that tornado away from our house." And 5 minutes later James stated the tornado that was headed for Hueytown had evidently left the ground and gone back up. I cried. There is NO DOUBT in my mind God heard and answered that prayer. I pray He answers my other prayers the same way.

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