Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Five

Fri. morning, May 27, began with this update:
Just spoke to night nurse: Garrett had a very eventful evening as we slept. His heart repeated last nights episodes another 3 times....,the cardio specialists were called in and a medication they had used on the first 3 episodes was changed and his last event was at around 4:30 AM. Since his last "shock" to achieve rhythem, his heart rate has stayed in the 90's, his O2 is coming back up in the 60's now, his CO2 is the lowest it's been in a week (almost normal) and he is, as of 6:20, resting. Unbelievable. What a story we're going to have to tell him when he wakes up. More Later......

(Still having glitches with the medical fund for Garrett)
I've just recv'd a message from someone who very kindly was trying to make a deposit in Garrett Jones Donation Fund at Wells Fargo. Although I had been assured that it was now set up properly and a memo had gone out to all branches concerning it, the teller had great difficulty locating it, but finally found it under mine and Janells name. If you wish to contribute and still write checks, you may send it to our church, made out to me, and stipulate "for Garrett Jones Fund", if thats your desire. They will make sure I get it, and we will deposit it. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you go to a branch, don't give up if they don't find it right off the bat. It is under some kind of special code is all I know, but I'm going to make waves today.

Noon Fri.
As I write this, They are putting Garrett on dialysis, will be a 24 hr.cycle, and they hope by doing this, it will reduce the toxins that are building up. Kidney function is still at acceptable levels, but chemical imbalances are present.Cardiac Dr never showed up, so we're still in the dark on what is specifically causing it. His current heartrate is 187, and I'm sure God has his hand around his heart because that makes about 14 hours this has been going on. There's a healing coming, just hope it's on this side of Jordan. Father, nothing I can do for Tiny Man but put him totally in your strong arms. It Is Well.

Fri. night
I'm sorry for the late posting, but from about 2:30 till 10:15 we had a steady stream of visitors and it was just a very very busy afternoon! Garrett is on the dialysis and has tolerated it very well. The kidneys were not in crisis but were showing signs of distress, plus toxins building up were possible causes of cardiac arythmia. So he will have 24-7 dialysis until such time as the kidney's functions and creatnin (?) levels return to normal for several days in a row. No idea how long that could take, but just glad he is tolerating it. Improved blood oxygen levels in the later evening hours are a welcome relief, and CO2 levels are now normal. White count level is coming down slowly, but moving in the right direction. His cardiac team ordered a new blood pressure medicine that they feel his body will tolerate better. Several early afternoon attempts to transition him to it were met with rejection, but persistance paid off, and he is close to a complete changover. Heart had to be shocked back into rythem again around 5 pm (5th time in 21 hours), but since then, BP which had been being between 65/60 to 95/65 (yes I said 65/60), when we left was 120/75, and heart rate which had been 185-200 BPM with no rythem had dropped to 80 sinus rythem. (I know I'm not spelling "rythem" right or am I, my brain is fried) A very marked improvement in cardiac function.
I will check his stats again between 6-8 AM and hopefully post a morning report by 9:00. We are normally at the hospital from 9:30 AM till 10PM. If I can figure out a way to bring my grill in and find a deck somewhere to throw a couple of ribeyes on, I will be one happy camper!

Sat. morning, May 28
Just checked in with night nurse, and she was quite pleased and very surprised to report that is was a very boring night!. Garrett's stats have remained good. We are so wishing for a day of rest for his heart and healing for his lungs. Therein is the menace. I spoke yesterday with the Infectious disease DR and he is confident that the pneumonia has been caused by what Garrett inhaled while in the rubble for 45 minutes, probably fiberglass along with multitudes of other microbes that are never meant to find residence in a human lung. He reiterates the severity of Garrett's condition, and how resistant this pneumonia is to ANY antibiotic. God is def. going to have to take care of this for them. They are stumped, but will continue to administer what they feel are the correct ones until such time as maybe Garretts own body will start fighting it. But he has War Eagle lungs, so that shouldn't be hard! More later.........

Sat. afternoon
Got to hospitgal around 10:00 and went back to see Garrett. Nurses trell me that around 7:00 his temp started falling and they managed to level it oof around 93 degrees. They're not sure what caused it, but definately unsettling. But this is par for the course. They put a special heated air blanket on him, raised the room temp and waited. Its currently back up to 96.5 . Other than that, stats are remaining steady with very slight increases in his O2 , which is good. Not much to report this time, but maybe next time he'll be sitting up on the side of the bed!

On Saturday afternoon, Janis Taylor Hill formed a facebook page "Prayers for Garrett".    On it, she suggests we all pray at the same time for Garrett every evening, in addition to the many times a day we already pray.  This time is set for 9pm EDT, 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT, 6pm PDT, etc. If you are free at this time in whatever time zone you live, please join in.  Of course, prayers are appreciated at any time of the day and night.

Sat. night
Not a whole lot to report thats different from earlier. He is having tremendous gains in his blood Oxygen counts. He had been sitting in the 50-60 range on 100% oxygen ( just for a comparison, a walking around well person on 100% O2 would have a level of 300)., His count has risen to 220 before we left. But it just means that the dialysis and Inhaled Nitric Oxide that they are giving him is providing maximum oxygenation to parts of the body that have been deficient. His lungs are still in very poor air movement condition. So we need to continue to pray for a miracle in the lungs. Also, because he has not been able to be turned for over ten days now, the probability of bed sores is getting higher & higher. Any movement of his body to prop him from one side to the other has previously resulted in mega-unsettling of all his stats. Just that minor shift of gravity on his lungs causes fluids currently saturating his air sacs to shift and presto- low oxygen. He desperately needs stability and healing of the lungs. Your mission prayer warriors, should you decide to accept it, (orig Mission Impossible) is to pray down a miracle on Tiny Man's lungs.
I'll be attempting to lead music at my church tomorrow morning, if Garrett permits, so there may not be an update till after lunch. Praise Him in His Sanctuary! And remember prayer for those attending to him also, please.

Sun, May 29, 2:30 pm
Garrett is resting comfortably right now. They have lowered his forced oxygen, in steps, down to 80% and he still keeps his blood oxygen level in an acceptable range. Of course this is a baby step, but we're used to these. Also, one of the nurses has noticed an irregular sound to his heartbeat, not showing up on the EKG exactly, but the residents and the cardio drs have been notified, and their suggestion is to keep monitoring it. Body temp is back up to normal, but they are keeping the heated cover on him just to make sure he has sufficient warmth.
Thanks to Harry and Darra for their visit yesterday, it was great to put a post high school face with the voice! Trying to be kind Harry! Made it church this morning, good to be back in the pulpit. Sang "He's Been Faithful" for a special. I needed it more than anybody. Thanks to Melissa Durbin for Janell-sitting while I was gone.

If you haven't checked out FB page "Prayers for Garrett Jones", do so. I can't seem to get my posts there, but Janis can do it for me. Garrett would be so ashamed of me! More late tonight.......

So many people want to do something, Frank decided to post this Sun afternoon.
So many are messaging and asking if we need anything and to please let them help w/something. The only "need" we have, and it's really not a "need", it's more like a desire. We have an inground pool that normally by this time, I would have the leaves off the tarp, the pool cleaned out and chemicals in and a clear pool. But this last 5 weeks have delayed that. When Garrett comes home with us, the pool will probably be a good phys. therapy source. And I would probably have a few weeks to get it done before he comes home. But when I get back to work full time, I could only do it on weekends. But if someone knows a pool maintenance individual that could fit me in, I'd love to talk to them and see what it would take to hire them. I haven't even bought the chem's yet, but if they do it for a living, they know what it would take. If you or they would message me or email me at, I'd appreciate it.

Sun. nightWell, we will call this a microstep backwards, but not really worried. Garretts temp had been steady in the 99.5 range so they turned off the heated blanket. Within 2 houes his temp dropped 2 degrees, so they had to turn it back on. No big deal really. He may have a bad sensor in the bladder, but they won't change it unless he has another 2 or 3 episodes. Also, for some reason his blood Oxygen dropped into the high 40's so they put his forced oxygen back to 100%. So, the rollercoaster continues. Man is he ever gonna owe me for personal assistant charges!! Expect a miracle. More in the morning.

Janis, chief administrator for the Facebook Page Prayers for Garrett, posted this on Monday:

As many of you know Garret Jones has been in the Hospital fighting for his life since the tornado devastated parts of Birmingham over a month ago. During his struggle his parents Frank and Janell have been at his side providing necessary support and consulting with the medical teams working to save his life. While progress has been made the struggle is not over and continues to this day.

The physical battle to save Garret’s life has prompted another struggle. Frank and Janell have  been unable to work for over a month as they tend to their son's needs. The problem of a lack of incom...e has only been exacerbated by the increased cost of having to be at the hospital all the time and needing to purchase meals, etc.

The emotional toll on Frank and Janell has been severe. This struggle has also placed a great physical strain on them. We have all prayed that the Lord would heal Garret and comfort the family. Let me emphasize the fact that neither Frank nor Janell has asked for anything other than prayer. But there is something more we can all do. We can help lift the financial burden that has developed and which intends to crush the Jones family.

Through the kindness of Sandusky First Baptist Church, donations are now being accepted and will be forwarded 100% to Frank and Janell Jones to help lift this financial burden they are under. Sandusky First Baptist Church is a 501C-3 Non Profit and will return a tax deductible receipt to you. Checks should be made out to Sandusky First Church and mailed to: 1125 Haven Drive, Birmingham, AL 35214-3501
(205) 798-4211

May the Lord bless you for extending your love for His people

Mon. May 30, Memorial Day
Good mornin' everybody, soory for being late but I slept an extra hour. Thankfully forGarrett, an uneventful evening. They have determined that the sensor in his bladder was bad and giving off incorrect temps. Somebody took an oral reading during one of his drops in the evening and it showed normal temp. He also has been taken off one of the medications that assisted in keeping his blood pressure up, and is now on the lowest dosage of the other. Another microstep! So the Garrett Coastewr continues as we begin Day 34 of not getting off. Back to 9th floor North Pavillion. Wonder if we could get Aarons to deliver 2 recliners. My cheeks have completely reshaped and it's messin w/my physique!

Mon. afternoon
A surprising move today. Different lab tests that they do have shown enough improvemnt that they have disconnected the dialysis mach. and are running a 24 hr test to determine levels of toxins in urine. Depending on those results, it will be reconnected or discontinued until/if needed at a future date. (Thats medical definition for more room around the bed:-)) Also, his white count is down from its' worst several days ago at 58,000 to 23,000. (normal with pneumonia would be 10-12,000) Thats some improvement, but some of that white count was when his heart was wiggin on us (thats a new word for me, I learned it from Garrett 3 weeks ago when he wrote it on a pad, said Kevin was wiggin when he found him in house rubble. If you don't know what that means, ask your children!).
OK, thats it from Trauma Central. Frank (I want some Baumhuaer jamaican jerk wings) Jones, reporting. Expext a Miracle!
More Later.....

Mon. evening post on PFG facebook page:
Many thanks to all of you who have taken us into your prayer lives. Just spoke w/Dr and they are encouraged by a white count of ony 23,000 (was 58,000), but still say he has an incredibly long way to go. But ya'll are praying him there, inch by inch. I also am telling all staff members of your 8pm Central prayer time for Tiny Man and them. From all of us, thank you so very much!

Mon. night 5/30/11
Just before leaving the hospital at about 9:30, I met the resident doing his rounds. He said that the drop in Garretts white count was "remarkable". And from last week this time to tonight, there is enough progress that they are encouraged. He reiterates the seriousness of Tiny Mans condition, and the fragilness of his lungs, but last week this time he gave Garrett very little chance. I told him of over 1,000 people on Praying for Garrett Jones FB page that pray for the whole staff and Garrett each night at 8PM. Not sure if he is a Christian, but he said to tell everyone thanks. Oxygen has been turned back down to 95% forced, another micro step! Wish we could thank each one of ya'll individually, but we've asked Him to bless each of you abundantly for sharing our burden. One day Garrett will read all of your posts on my page and and all of those on PfGJ page and we will shed tears together. I pray that everyone reading these words will never have to ride their own "Garrett Coaster", but if so, I will pray just as hard for you. Hope you all have a blesed Tuesday. Expecting a Miracle!
More Later....

Tues, May 31, 9am
Just checked in with day nurse, and current status is stable, but blood oxygen level has dropped slightly. Not in the critical level, but close. They made some ventillator adjustments around 8:30 and will take another blood gas at 10:00. Also, Xray of left lung shows presence of a pneumothorax, which is a slight collapsing of about 10% of the lung. This being his best lung could account for his lower blood gas. It may become neccessary to insert another chest tube, or reposition an existing one to try to relieve the pressure that is causing it. Will know in a couple of hours. So we were coasting and now hit a bump on the GarrettCoaster. Hang on, more to com. (We slept till 8:30 this morning, b-a-d reporters!) Expecting a Miracle!

11:15 am
Enroute to hosp, got a call from nurse.  His O2 sats were dropping, & Dr. was performing a bronchoscopy.  Got to hosp, procedure was finished, managed to get some crud sucked out to send to lab. O2 in critical range. Please pray for his lung function to improve quickly.

12:45 pm Tues.
Garretts white count continues to decrease, down to 21,000. Dr's believe it may actually be pneumonia finally responding to antibiotics, ever so slightly. But his low oxygen today is being blamed on his ARDS. Ards is a hardening of the air saxs in the lu...ngs and it prevents O2 from getting into blood. This is very serious and can be fatal. So prayers are the most powerful medicine available to him right now. Expecting a Miracle!, more later.... 

5 pm Update
Garretts blood oxygen level has risen from 42 to 45, so there is some improvemnet. It was at around 40. There is also , thankfully, another decrease in his white count. He is now below 20,000 and it'ss not been that low sinc he was admitted, best we can remember. This ARDS condition is gonna be a rollercoaster like we've not been on, so we're checking into seatbelts for the waiting room chairs. Anyway, thats a quick update. Expecting a Miracle, more later......

10:45pm Update
Not a good report tonight. Garetts Blood O2 continues to decline. He's down to 43. The doctors say it is definatly the ARDS' The pneumonia is showing signs of improvement. But they have done about all they can do with the ventilator. It's pretty much in God's hands. I'll be staying here at the hospital tonight, just in case I'm needed. Your prayers are welcome, and I'll update at a later date. Still expecting a Miracle!

Wed. June 1, 0345 Update
Garretts Oxygen condition is worsening. But I am not giving up. I am not giving up. "I will look unto the hills, from whence cometh my strength"

Wed, June 1 Noon
Stephanie here. According to the doctors, Garrett's oxygen levels are so low, that if they continue this way for a few more hours, he will suffer organ damage, probably heart problems, and most certainly brain damage. The ARDS has now totally involved the left lung, not just the right, and they have nothing more to offer him. Barring a miracle, this condition will result in death within a few hours to a maximum of 2-3 days. Frank is not giving up until Garrett's heart stops. Miracles can still happen.


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