Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Monday, May 30, 2011

Week Three

Fri., May 13, 2011
Back home for a few minutes, can't post till I get home, my phone is just a phone, no text, but Garrett is critical but stable. No big change from last night, o2 setting down from 100% to 80% but had to up the pressure. Will post again as soon as I get back home.

Frank was contacted by a TV news station about a follow-up story about the tornado aftermath.  Janell was not up to it, but Frank went down and gave this terrific interview:

Garrett is resting this morning as is my soul. The past 24 hrs has been a major testing of His charge to me to "Be still and know that I am God". I have come out of that tunnel, for the present, and feel exhuasted as if I'd been in a war. But enought about me. Garrett req'd a bath after one of his "attachments" failed, so the 11:30 blood gasses were important due to all the moving they forced on him. Oxygen is up to 65% (need 85-95) but his CO2 went up which wasn't wanted. They will wait to get new ABG reading at 2Am and 6AM. These last readings are microsteps forward, but forward none the less. I give praise to Garretts and my Father in Heaven for them. He is still critical, very critical, but no backward steps in 8 hrs. As th dr said, he is responding positive to their ventilator adjustments, which is reward for them, but is still being monitored by hourly visits from them.
If Garrett is still going forward, I have been graciously asked by Jenn's family to sing at her graveside service Sunday at 2:00. Hopefully, the Spirit will sing through me as He did at Brandon's funeral.
Thanks to Jonathan, my nephew, for teaching me how to type in NOTES, so multiple post aren't necc.

Sat. afternoon, May 14
Update: Oxygen levels are stable but need them higher, carbon dioxide levels back down in normal range. Resting, which is good, still medical induced paralization, so he won't fight the ventilator. My prayer for everyone that is praying for us, is that God wil make me as faithful to pray for ya'll when its needed. And to bless each one of you extra "good".

Sat. evening, Garrett took a turn for the worse. Family and friends were called in and gathered at the hospital to keep vigil until about 3am, when his oxygen level stabilized slightly. Frank stayed the night at the hospital, ready to call if there was a change of any kind.

Sun. dawned overcast with threat of rain.  It was the day of Jennifer's funeral:

Mike's Blog: Frank Jones sang again Sunday
(photo by Mike Royer)

This is the song Frank elected to sing:

Sun. evening:

Thank you Lord for twenty hours of peaceful rest for Tiny Man. We've had a few baby steps forward today, but at this rate I could be on Medicare before he gets out. LOL, I'm seriously thankful for baby steps right now. We were able to attend Jennifers graveside service and everyone was so kind to acknowledge my small contribution, even though it was "5" on a 1-10. But very upbeat and positive, and I hope decisions for eternity were made.
Garrett's made a few small steps in the right direction on oxygen content in the blood. His white count though remains way off the scale and it is probably a combination of the pneumonia which rages and the real possibility of small undetectible blood clots in the lungs. But incredibly, all the other injuries are healing and, knock on wood, his kidneys appearto still be functioning well, even with major antibiotic regimines. So I remember to thank God for all the small victories we are having.
No more "events" would be so good for his recovery, that I'm declaring "No More Events" month is officially started.
More tomorrow!

Mon, May 16
Garrett Update: Mon. 11:15 pm Today is like getting a school test with 100 questions on it and it came back with a minus two on it because of missing two punctuation marks. Almost a perfect "A".
But we'll take those, a whole bunch of'em as a matter of fact. Please keep praying for healing of the lungs and infections. I'm ready for a hand-squeeze!

Monday morning brought another bronchoscopy, a procedure whereby a flexible tubing with camera is inserted through the endotracheal tube and down into the lungs to visualize what is going on. Suction was performed to retrieve lots of "gunk" in his lungs that prevents them from being fully oxygenated. Many times this fluid is sent to the laboratory to be cultured to make sure the patient is receiving the antibiotics that best treat that strain of bacteria. 

While performing the routine xrays afterwards, the physicians noticed more air leaking into the lining of his lungs, which usually results in a collapsed lung.  Another chest tube was inserted to give the air a place to escape. 

It was also discovered that Garrett had a clot in his right leg, though repeated tests had failed to identify it. Pieces of clots can break off and travel to the lungs, causing respiratory distress, so steps needed to be taken to prevent this. In addition, a "Do Not Turn" order was put in place, as anytime he was turned or adjusted, he seemed to undergo a crisis.

Tues., May 17
Garrett had a good night, and started his morning on 95% oxygen, a small step-down, but good news. They also inserted a filter to prevent a clot in the leg area from moving elsewhere and was laid flat for that procedure. He tolerated it well. Not on steak & taters yet, but moving in that direction hopefully.

Wed. afternoon, May 18
Not a good day so far. Garrett is struggling, but fighting hard. Oxygen levels not where they are needed, right lung is just not fuctioning. Have had many prayer sessions bedside, and of course anywhere I happen to be. Some family is here, and we just continue to lift him up. Can't and won't give up. He is my #3 son, and I am trying to pray him through this crisis. Thank you does not convey our gratitude to all who are remembering him and us. My phone does not do internet, so I don't see messages till I get on at home most of the time. I did bring my laptop, thought technically challenged, and have managed in spite of my ignorance to connect to WiFi here at the hospital. I'll connect again later on after it's charged up, but just keep lifting Garett up please.

As Garrett's condition worsened, Frank began posting in the mornings, too, as soon as he had called and spoken with the nurse.

Thurs. morning, May 19
Garrett continues to struggle for Oxygen. His levels are getting lower and the Dr's have done everything they can do. The right lung has to start clearing up. He's not responding to any antibiotic, and tweaking the ventilator is no longer helping. Please pray for Garrett, our family, the doctors and nurses as they have become very attached to him. I will update mre as the situation warrents.

I wish I could respond individually to each who are messaging but I can't. I am reading them but my "friend" list has got to be setting FB records. We appreciate all who take time to write, it means a lot to us. God bless you for all you prayers!

Thurs. afternoon
A new lung treatment of a unique inhalent is producing encouraging results. Blood oxygen levels have increased 50% and if it continues to improve, they will be able to reduce pressures from the ventilator, very gradually. The Son has shown through some dark storm clouds, so please accept our humble gratitude for such overwhelming concern and encouragement. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

But Thurs. night, things looked bleak again. Frank and Janell began calling family:
Hi, this is Stephanie, Frank's sister. Just got a call that Garrett's lungs are rejecting the inhalent, and his oxygen level is dropping again. They are preparing to change him over to a new ventilator, the only one of its kind in the city, and the transition will be tricky. He's trying to make as few calls as possible, so as to be available, so I'm posting this on his wall in hopes that all his friends will see and go into immediate super prayer mode. We need a miracle here.

Thurs. 11:30 pm
Stephanie Davison: Frank just called--the transition went fairly smoothly. Sorry, it's not the only ventilator of its kind in the city--misunderstood--but there are staff there who have never seen it before, as it is usually used on pediatric patients. By God's will, the technicians and physicians accustomed to dealing with it were in-house and able to do this quickly.  Garrett's responding to this well; slight improvement in oxygen levels, and the docs are encouraged. Frank was told the whole unit is rooting for Garrett; nurses call on their days off to see how G is doing, and physicians go into the conference room to pray for guidance in how to treat him. Thank you all so much for your prayers; you've prayed him through another crisis. Frank as promixed to keep me informed and knows I'm posting the news on his wall. He thanks you all!

From Frank, Late Thurs. night:

The dr's were sucessfull in moving him from one std ventilator to an new kind that delivers short hard inflates of the lungs. It's weird when you walk in his room, hear the pounding of the machine, and realize an RN thatis attending tonight, playyed baseball w/Garrett. We will not try to read too much into the initial success, but there stands Patrick Donnvan? B4 leaving at 11:00, his oxygen levels were hoveing @ 89-90 and blodd0s level wers 77at 100 So I have come home to catch a few C-pap z's, and return early in the morning. Sorry for the shortlived excitement of today and false encouragement. But an imagination came to me today, of Moses standing at th Red Sea and telling the Israelltes to Behold the Hand of God. I hope that a miracle is in Gods plan because there is no otheranswer.
Awesome friends, old and new, awesome family, old and new, our strength, our hope and prayer are being deliverd by you to God in Heaven. Be sure to tell Him THANK YOU. sORY, aMBIEN KICKING IN, CAN'T WRITE ANY MORE.


  1. I was wondering when they would try NO and High Frequency Ventilation. Sorry the NO (if that is what the new inhalant was) didnt work but hopefully the HiFi will. I am an RT who worked at UAB for 25 years. Sounds like Garrett may be in ARDS. My prayers are with him. He is definitely in the best place.

  2. This is Casey Jacobs. I feel so blessed to have come across you on FB because you have been my source of strength with my nephews tough battle. In reading this and seeing this post from you "My prayer for everyone that is praying for us, is that God wil make me as faithful to pray for ya'll when its needed. And to bless each one of you extra "good"." shows that yes, God did know what was lying ahead...and He has truly blessed all that you have come in contact with you by being a beacon of hope and strength. I am so terribly sorry for your losses. But I am so grateful for faithful followers of God like you to show me hope on my hardest days. So many thanks to you and your family for showing that tragedies don't have to stop your life, or cause you to lose faith. I was a lost child of God, and through the past month since my nephew has been fighting for his life I am finding my way back to God. And it is by God moving through you and others, and everytime I see my nephew I see God's amazing work and grace, cause we were told he would never even survive to be born. Thank you so much for all your inspiration and sharing your story. You and God have touched me through this in ways you will never know!