Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Thursday, August 18, 2011

25-yr Capsule, Part 1

Many have asked what Garrett was like, his interests, hobbies and such. So I thought I would try to capsulate his twenty-five years. He was born on 3/7 (of 86) and weighed 3 - 7. Because my first comment about him when Janell asked if he was whole (there had been concerns because of medication she was on when she conceived), I said he just looks like a tiny little man. And Tiny Man stuck. When he wa real little you could count his ribs if he went shirtless. And he could pacify himself better than any little kid I'd seen. If you gave him two little action figures, he could spend hours creating battles and stories. as he got a little older, with two older, faster and bigger brothers, he became the brunt of their pranks. And so did any of his friends that visited. Especially when Janell and I weren't around. I remember once when after he took a shower and was coming out to go to his room to get dressed (about 7 or 8 yrs old), his brothers stripped him of his towel, and shoved him out the front door. He had to walk across the front yard butt naked and barefoot, and make it to the back yard. And he called Janell at work to tell on his brothers.
He loved baseball and played park ball from 5 yrs old till he was 16 and got his first job. But as an adolescent and early teen, he helped take care of his oldest brother, Brandon when he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. He could physically do things to tend to Brandons personal hygeine and care (when Janell and I weren't around) that the other brother had great difficulty doing. And as Brandon's ministry grew, he became the one to help push him in the wheelcahir, especially when Brandon would be speaking at some church on Sunday. Janell and Garrett would see that he got up steps or whatever to get to where he was speaking. And for that effort, he "charged" his brother a "brother tax". And depending on what love offering or gratuity was given to Brandon from that engagement, Garrett got a percentage! But this time was also where Garretts tender and caring personality started to grow. He loved the underdog, always, unless it was Alabama or whoever was playing Auburn. And his love and passion for Auburn grew fast and deep as he went through high school. Brandon's illness and death had a maturing effect on both Kevin and Garrett. They had to face an ugly side of life very early and it pushed them into manhood very quickly. Garrett had many friends, but a few very close. None closer than his brothers, but almost. He lost one of his best friends around age 19-20, when this young man was accidentally stabbed while trying to stop a fight. That had a lasting impact on Garrett and I believe he struggled for a while with his faith. during this time he also went to Bessemer Tech and got his Long Certificate" in A/C and Refridgeration. And a great company, Vulcan Heating and Air (commercial) hired him before graduating. He progressed and developed a reputation os one of the most conscientious and polite, but knowledgeable technicians they had. And it was so evidenced at his funeral when almost every one of his customers came to the funeral home to say goodbye, and hug our necks.
I will continue this tomorrow night. (no spellcheck tonight, I'm at church and service is about to start) I'll be back.....

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