Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Monday, August 1, 2011


Theres not a central thought or theme running through my head tonight, so if you looking for deep thought or spirit laced meanderings. well, it's not starting out this way so read on at your own disapointment.
Flashback a couple of months to a request for some pool assistance. I just did not have the time or willpower with all tha was going on to prepare my pool for Garrett coming home and needing some physical therapy the pool would provide. Well, a schoolmate and friend of many years ago, came to our rescue. And I never mentioned them to you, I don't think, but I should have and feel badly that I have taken so long to publicly thank them. It was in writing thank you cards out this week that I remembered this oversight. Ginny and Frank Pearson came to our rescue and as Frank put it when I insisted on paying for their services and materials, "Ginny said I better not accept one peny from you for this". So to both of them and their sons who helped as well, Janell and I say thank you so very much. Though Garrett chose a crystal river over a really clean nice pool, your kindness to us will not be forgotten. Janell has made good use of it, though not as much as she would have liked by now. And if I can ever do anything for them, I hope they wil call.
More than just a few of you have mentioned that I should write a book about this journey. And after many urgings, I did contact a Christian Free Lance writers association. I explained to them our story, gave them the FB pages and blog site and asked the vice-president of the association, whom I was communicating with, to read and get back to me. He did do research, but came back with the opinion, that to go into writing something of this without a guarantee from a publisher would probably not be the way any of their writers would normally go. He mentioned they could do a magazine article and it would probably be picked up by someone, but that was the best he could offer. He would mention it to a few of their members and give my contact info to them if they were interested. Well, no one has come forward, so I take it that if God wants it to happen in book form, somebody out there will know somebody that knows somebody that would want to do it. But I feel he was right, that it will take interest from a publisher, and they will have someone they can assign to do it, kinda like Rick & Bubba's publisher did (a local radio personality duo in the Birmingham market, syndicated nationall).
But another small avenue of sharing our story in person has opened up for this Wednesday night at my church, as my pastor is away and the chairman of deacons came and asked if I would discuss the minstry the FB postings have had. It is my prayer that churches would call, and offer me the opportunity to come and share our journey, possibly combined with some music. It may mean retirement from being a bi-vocational minister of music for a while, but if I can impact His kingdom in a positive way doing that, I would humbly accept that assignment. I don't mind if it's local or long distance. He'll provide a way and replace the income I'd lose by retiring, if it's His will. And I'd have to be convinced of that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I will be in a revival at New Faith Baptist Church in Pleasant Grove beginning September 4th, Labor Day weekend, with pastor Doug Moore, from Mt. Olive Baptist Church, preaching. Everyone is invited to come visit.Not yet sure of how long and the times, but you can call the church from 8-noon and get the info, or I'll try to provide later.
I'll be back

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