Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Stephanie here. Spent some time updating the blog today, as obviously, I was way behind. Why today? There's more to this story. Here are Frank's words....

Feb. 4, 2014

Started on Victoza about 7-8 wks ago. My endocrinologist discovered my Cpeptide reading which should not be over 4.4 was 17.9. I am insulin intolerant which means my body won't absorb it properly so it builds fat cells to store it (from the looks of my waistline it was working overtime). But what we weren't expecting was the side effect not listed in the literature. My "insides" have been sore and hurting since the night I took my first injection. I feel like I am the punching bag for a George Foreman comeback. 24-7 soreness and pain. But I have lost weight. Won't say how much, but not quite half my goal. I decided early on to try to tough it out with ibuprofen and something stronger when it's gets really bad. The endo dr is aware. Tomorrow I see my regular GP to get bloodwork results from todays labs, plus my official weigh in. 2 months down, prob. 3 to go, then I may sub the Victoza for another brand. Prayers I have to buy new wardrobe by summer!
Feb. 6, 2014

Well, my doctors visit was good news/ bad news type. All my sugar related test were great and I have lost 25 lbs. (only a 1/4 of my goal) Woohoo! But my creatnine (?) level from my kidneys had crept up even higher, so he made me go downstairs for a kidney and bladder ultrasound. He told me no more ibuprofen, which has what has helped control my pain for 7 weeks. My only alternative is Lortab. So I'm starting out on a low dose, but with pain 24/7, I don't want to keep this up. 24 hours
of them and so far, no pain relief. And to top it all off, my GP is retiring at the end of Feb., so I have to find a new one. But hey, this is so minor compared to what so many of ya'll go through each day, that I'm not gonna complain. I just want to get my strength back to have choir again and be able to sing, which right now is a major undertaking. Thanks for all the encouragement, folks, and the prayers. His grace is sufficient!
Feb. 10, 2014

Really had a tough weekend. The pain from the Victoza continues, but Saturday pain in my left ankle and left knee set in. Slight swelling by Sun AM, serious swelling Sunday night. But where I work, company policy is you get a "write-up" for being 30 seconds late, or not showing up, no exceptions except death in immediate family. Yeah it stinks and its archaic, but that's life. So when I got up this morning and couldn't bear weight, well, write-up time. Went to ortho Dr. Arthritis and severe tendonitis in ankle, and arthritis in knee with practically all cartilage gone. That injection was no fun. Have to spend a week at home, leg elevated, then 3 weeks in a weight bearing boot. But look on the bright side. I'm getting a handicap parking decal, woohoo!!!! And who knows, He may have another job for me too. Never been happy in this one.
Feb. 15, 2014
First time out of bed since Monday. Appears what attacked me last weekend is gout. The Ankle specialist says it looked like arthritis on the xrays, but my med dr called me in gout medicine yesterday. Took my first dose last night and second dose today and can feel SLIGHT improvement. And I'm sure that's because I had been going downhill since Saturday a week ago. I'm still keeping foot elevated, and redness, pain and swelling is still there, but I have gotten some toe movement. Thank you all for remembering me. I'm probably down at least another 3 to 5 days minimum.
Feb. 20, 2014
Made it to church office and haircut appt today. Was totally winded when I got home. I have no strength to speak of, but pain in foot has subsided, now it's just sore, about 70% flexibility. Going to try to start 1/2 days back in the office next week.
Feb. 23, 2014
Well, back to office isn't going to happen, looks like. Made it to service this morning, led the hymns, did a special (heard a great message and came home totally spent. No strength. Can barely make it down hall and back, but I refuse a bedpan. Supposed to see ENT about esophageal blockage and eye dr for check-up. May have to use wheelchair. Got to go thru some trials sometimes to appreciate the good days, don't we. Praise His Holy Name.
Mar. 1, 2914
I've had some calls about my health, so I'll briefly update you. My Gout episode is coming to an end, thank you God. Another week or so and I may not have a limp. The 24/7 pain in my diaphragm and upper torso continues, but my new internal med. Dr is attacking it with a vengeance. We've ruled out gall stones, but in a test this past Friday, they are looking to see if it is even working. I will also have tests on my pancreas and liver, since the Victoza I was on can cause pancreatitis. Hope it's the gall bladder because that's easily fixable. The others not so. I will be off work another week, it appears. Thanks for your prayers
Mar. 6, 2014

Many of you may remember how I characterized our family's journey as a Job Experience for me. Job went through so much, yet never gave up on God. Even when it came to his own life being threatened. Well, I now get to realize that part of the experience.
This week, tests and more tests have confirmed I am a victim of esophageal cancer. The mass is located near the opening to my stomach. I will hav
e a PET scan tomorrow which will let us know if it has spread. There are some indicators that it might have. If that is true, the prognosis is, I'll get to see Brandon, Jennifer and Garrett a lot sooner than I thought. I have no lymph nodes affected yet, which is good news. I won't know the results of the scan till next week. But I already know this much. God is in control. I am not angry, just full of questions. Not exactly how I planned to lose weight.

I ask for your prayers. God's will is going to be done because He is in control. And I also knows He listens to the prayers of His children. Remember Janell and Kevin in those prayers too, because this has hit them pretty hard. I will update when I know more. Thank you all

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