Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I had a pastor once that told of a mission trip he went on to Kenya/Tanzania. When almost reaching the border, there was a crude blockade built on the main road they needed to travel. It was a quicker and smoother route, but thugs had blocked it off, and were demanding "pay-off" to travel it instead of the detour. The detour would take longer, was full of potholes but actually had prettier scenery. The leader of the mission instructed the drivers to take the detour. They did not understand, but did as he said. When they reached their destination, one of the drivers asked why he chose the detour. He said in the end, that it allowed them to see more of God's beauty, but it also did not aide the thugs in breaking the law.
I've thought about this for several days and have seen something I believe God wanted me to see about both Brandon's and Garrett's journey. Both were given the longer journey. For Brandon, 3 weeks shy of 4 years when he was given six months. And our family saw more of God's beauty and plan, while experiencing some very painful potholes, and saw Brandon grow in God's grace. Not to mention saved souls. And a valuable sidebar result was a lesson to me of how a Christian should live and die. And it took away Satans intent to make his death meaningless.
Likewise, Garrett should have been killed instantly as was Jennifer. It would seem merciful to most folks. But yet it gave Kevin, who helped find him and dig him out, time with his brother that was both critical and fruitful. Finding him as quick as they did had a bearing on us having 2 weeks of communication with Garrett. Though limited, it was immensly valuable and productive to our family and friends who came. Yes there were major potholes, but the coming together of patient family with unit staff was a thing of beauty and love. And that five & 1/2 weeks was the time God wanted for Garrett's Prayer Warriors to become what it is today. Again robbing Satan of a sensless death.
Think of some other detour takers: Moses, David, Jonah, Sampson, and many others. ( Enoch definately took no detour!) So when things aren't going quite the way we planned, better ask yourself, "Who planned my way?"
I haven't told all ya'll lately, but thanks and lots of love from our family.
I'll be back.

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