Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time Warp 30 Years Ago

Well, it was today, thirty years ago, that I became a Father. I had to go to work before Janell. When I came back from the shower, she told me that she felt a leak occur and that the baby must have rolled over on her bladder. I went on to work, not thinking much about it. I'm at work and around 8AM she tells me she has called the doctor she felt like she was having pains, and had had another leak. He tells her to come into the office for an exam. So I leave work and go home to get her. While in the doctors exam room, on the table, her water breaks. We walk from the professional building over to the hospital, and a few hours later have a 6lb. 2 oz boy, (yes back then it was still a surprise). But he had a lung condition that required he go to NICU at University Hosp and we were at Princeton. So for the first of all 3 times, Janell got to hold her newborn for about 10 minutes, and then watched as they were taken to another hospital. And as with all three, they were dedicated back to God within just a few weeks of birth. We felt that important. Never did we dream........
In the first two years of children (Brandon and Kevin were 17 months apart), Janell, myself or the two boys were admitted to the hospital a total of 17 times. Garrett was the miracle child, though there were multiple expected deformities from medication she was on the first two months of preganancy (she never even knew till she was 3 months with any of them), he was born tiny but well. Kevin was born in the labor room with just me and Janell, no doctors or nurses, and swallowed his amniotic fluid. How ironic that both Brandon and Garrett start and end their lives fighting to live. I have been blessed by my God more than I can ever relate to you, with three sons that have never brought us shame, disappointment or embarrassment. And I have the assurance, that I know that I know that I know, we will be together for eternity. How blessed is that!, And with both of my sons' deaths, other's have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. How blessed is that! How many fathers can say that? Though I was present, at their side, holding their hands, when they both took their last earthly breaths, I know the next one they took wasn't smoke filled, it was absolutely heavenly. Happy Birthday Brandon, I hope you are enjoying your early birthday present! I love you still, Dad.

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