Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, July 1, 2011

Four Weeks in Heaven

I'm back in the saddle tonight, but I'm leaning to one side really bad, and probably fixin to fall off "Ole Paint". Gettin home and in bed at midnight and then up at six might work for some folks, and maybe me if I wasn't already about 3 weeks behind on sleep. I enjoyed ny visit with the folks at Calera Baptist Sunday evening. And God kept my voice going, and hopefully our witness and songs blessed a few folks. And thanks to both Steep Creek Baptist in Lowndes County and the folks at Calera BC for allowing me to get back to what is my passion, singing. (truly a "therapy" for me right now) and for what seems to be an exciting new form of ministry in witnessing and testifying about God's grace and strength. I feel like my son's stories are to be shared, because God sems to be taking this feeble and undeserving vessel's attempt at sharing them, and doing things that only He can do. For I, like all of you, am simply in awe of what has happened with all that we've written. But writing it is only one part of the picture. Like a painter, you must feel what you are sharing, but you also have to "live" it. Painters see more in their subjects than the un-trained eye sees. I must "see" the whole picture God is painting inside of me, to be able to "paint" it for those who come to hear. For that is an awesome responsibility, when people are searching for what God has for them, and you are the messenger of the hour. So, if He leads that way, and the doors open, I must be open to the calling and know when it is time to step out in faith. Several people much more learned and close to God than i am, have dropped hints at me that they feel in their spirit, things are fixing to change for me. Don't know what that means, but I pray for clarity, discernment and trust to know when it's happening. Thank all of you for your continued prayers for Kevin, Janell and I as we complete four weeks in Heaven.
I'll be back.

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