Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear Hevenly Father,
I know my praise is very childlike and may be lacking in what all it should cover. But I don't think anyone could mean it more from their heart than me.
I have been to mountain top so many times: When I married Janell, You were there. And everytime I watched a son come into this world. You were there. I have seen all of my sons accept your Son as their Saviour: You were there. I have seen homeruns hit. You were there. I have seen my first sons testimony of your grace and mercy lead others to your throne. You were there. I have seen two grandsons brought into this world. You were there. I saw two sons get married to the helpmate YOU intended for them. You were there. I have felt the thrill of your presence in my soul when I get to sing your praises in the many places you've let me serve. You are there.
And I've been to the valley: Burying a brother, mother in love, daughter in love and a 25 year old son in 6 months. You were there. Burying another son at age 19. Yiou were there. Leaving home at an early age to make my own way in this world. You were there. Seeing America slip away from her Godly ways, You are there. Seeing the strikeout, when just one more run would do it. You were there. Hearing a doctor tell you your son has a rare cancer no one has ever survived and has six months to live. You were there. Having all 3 sons struggle for life their first few week here. You were there. Getting the call that your baby sons house is not there but alll his cars are. You were there.
And theres the moments you've carried me. Through three preemies being born, You were there. Multiple periods of unemployment, You were there. Thirty seven years of marriage to the helpmate you intended for me. You've been there. Allowing me to lead your children into worship for 40 years when my only qualification is that I love Your music. You're still there. Singing at two sons funerals. You were there. Sharing my thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, disappointments and valleys with people that You, before I was ever created, ordained to be here to pray for me, love on me, encourage me and minister to me. You are still here.
God, please bless all who read these thoughts, though poorly conveyed. Answer their prayers as you have mine. Provide their needs as you have mine. Carry them when they need it, as You have me. Hear them when they cry, as You have me. And please give each one many more mountain tops than valleys, as you have me. But most of all, thanks and praise to you for being there for them when they need You, just as they and You have been here for me. For you are faithful..... Amen

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