Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, July 29, 2011

What's Your Sauce?

It is really special when you're not expecting a revelation or a lght to come on, and suddenly you here inside you "there's a post", and you don't really have to think or dwell on what to write but it just flows through your fingers. I'm sure this is meant for someone besides just me.
Last night (Tuesday) Janell as she sometimes does, came home and cooked supper for me. I have an incredible wife, if you didn't already know that. There were very few days in the 18 years we had boys in school, that she didnt come home from work and cook or, if she wasn't employed outside the home, had a supper on the table 4-5 nights a week and most Sundays - LUNCH. My boys grew up eating supper at the table with their family. OK, I digress, but I can't brag on her enough.
Anyway, it's a once or twice a month we have cubed steak and 2 or three vegetables. So when I saw it on the plate, I never thoiught twice about about it. As I usually do, I got up grabbed a bottle of special BBQ sauce that Tina, my daughter - in - laws mom, makes for me every once in a while. I went through one piece along with my butter beans, potatoe salad, and raw onion when Janell says "How ya' like that deer meat". I just stopped chewing a minute and said "Deer meat?". Sure enough, she had hammered a couple of slices of tenderloin and cooked it just like BEEF minute steak. But did this ole trained palate ever catch on? No siree. Why? Because I had hidden the true taste of the venison with Tina's BBQ sauce. And while I finished the last piece without the sauce, a little voice inside of me asked "How often do you cover up a blessing or a message or a truth of Mine with a sauce called Luck or Coincidence or Fate or Ego? How often do you really fail to worship Me as I want to worshipped because someone is pulling your emotional chain with feel good preaching or singing a chorus 27 times? When was the last time you actually "heard" Me speak to you or "felt" Me touch you. What is your sauce of life that is keeping you from really knowing Me. I had to answer that to myself and to Him, but you'll have to answer that for yourself. Is your sauce "too busy", "too tired", "too jealous", "too materealistic". Whatever it might be, you might need to put the cap on it and ether put it on the back shelf or throw it away. No Tina, I'm not talking about your sauce. Keep it comin', girl.
(no spell-check tonight) I'll be back.

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