Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fingers Can Talk

Well, the weekend has continued to be a real battle of emotions, but we willmake it. Don't understand why it's just now hitting, but it has. Both of the grandsons spent the night last night, so it kept our minds occupied. But after there departure, it has been a struggle, especially for my sweet wife. It really hurts to see her hurting so bad. And all I can do is hold her, and most of the time she doesn't even want that. So I just pray for her. And ask ya'll to lift her up as well. You almost want to go around and take sown their pictures around the house until some acceptable day in the future. But yet, we need to see 'em. Even when I said the blessing tonight, I found it difficult to know what to say. I pretty much thanked Him for our food, and home and friends, and whn I mentioned family, it just hit me right between the left ventricle and the right ventricle. And I said, "God we do love you, but we don't understand you", and I don't know where that came from. I'm not seeking sympathy or desiring to dampen anyones evening, just doing what seems to come natural, vent.
But something that has also entered my thoughts today, are the staff at the hospital that came to mean so much to us. These are truly special God called people, whether they claim Him or not. I have had my share of hospital experience, not only from a personal side, but also as a minister of music and my hospital visits. And these people are special. There were probably 15-18, including Doctors who loved my son so much that we could sense it when they were around. And I was told that they try not for that to happen, because it makes results like Garretts very difficult to get over. I'll not mention names, but they know who they are, if they get to read this. One doctor, primary care type, actually had a whole week off for the arrival of his new daughter. The night of Garretts viewing, he was on call and couldn't come, but his wife said she had to come meet the family of the patient who had so enveloped her husbands thoughts and mind. She was so sweet. So, when ya'll think about it, please lift up this staff of Trauma ICU, 9th floor, UAB in prayer. Send them a GPW card c/o Beth, Dayshift Charge Nurse. They will forever be family to me, and I hope our paths cross again, but not as before. I've kinda gotten away from the direction of my recent posts of dealing with spiritual things, but as most of you know by now, it's whats in my mind that seems to come out my fingers. Hope everyone is in their place of worship tomorrow.
I'll be back.

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