Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Tale of Two Stories

(Stephanie here: I got behind on posting Frank's FB notes the past couple of months, but got them all caught up today. So even though all the posts are dated Fri., Oct. 21, they go back to August 25. Keep scrolling down to the first "Oct. 21" entry to catch up, and my apologies to my brother and all of you.)

It's late Thursday, in fact in 9 minutes it's Friday, and while this was fresh on my mind, just thought it should make the page.
Shortly after Garrett's passing, we received a call from a reporter with the Birmingham News, Veronica Kennedy. She had written several articles on the victims of the tornadoes, which were written before his death (you don't know how hard it is to type that). But she was intrigued by what all she was told about this "perfect couple", and wanted to do a more indepth piece, but if possible, with our imput. I told her that when we felt more comfortable doing so, we would call her, and kept her name ond number on our message board by the phone. Then two weeks ago another reporter, Mike Oliver, contacted us about a series of articles he is doing for The News on different aspects or angles of the storms, and wanted our input on some pointed questions. I told him of Veronica's interest and that if cleared it with her we'd be honored to help. Together tonight, they came, pen in hand (literally - no recording like Denzell asked Julia permission for in The Pelican Briefs?) and sometime in the next few weeks, an in depth article and a brief analysis will be published. They were both very nice to work with. And the subject of a book came up, because Veronica reads our GPW page. Besides the award winning articles she has written, she has also been instrumental in several Pulitzer winning articles written by her husband. And her comments were encouraging. So though I have been humbled by readers comments, I've tried to just let that ship sail off in the sunset. But the sails are getting bigger on the horizon instead of smaller. Where is the airport?
Also, tonight while reading The Alabama Baptist, I see where Frank Jones has resigned his staff position with Calvary Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, and moved back to Birmingham to concentrate on Frank Jones Ministries. I have known Frankie (yes for 50 years he was Frankie) and we were able to keep our names separated that way. Now Frank(ie) is an outstanding and gifted musician, comedian, speaker and minister. Nothing like me. But just as it seems that the Lord is opening doors for me to share our story with folks, Frank (ie) is cranking up Frank Jones Ministries. Obviously, God has a sense of humor, putting us in the same town, with the same name, he is a Minister of Worship - I'm a minister of music, we both sing (he's done more weddings than funerals, I'm just the opposite which should tell you something right there). So pastors, if you wish to have polished professional perfection instead of an accomplished ameteur audition, Frank (ie) can be reached at and you can't go wrong. If you accidently book me instead, prepare your next sermon on Forgiveness is Divine.
I'll be back ... yawn,,, (wow, it's 1:00AM!)

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  1. Thank you for coming back. I've missed seeing the posts. Keeping you in my prayers.