Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who is Watching?

(Oct. 2, 2011)

A few years ago there was a movie titled Eagle Eyes and it was a story of how some people had built a computer "Eye in the Sky" so to speak. And they were able to watch your every move with surveilance cameras and satellites and all. I realize this is not science ficttion, but it was a reminder of you're being watched. Now there is a series on CBS "Person of Interest" and I have to admit, I'm a fan after two episodes, but it has a similar vein of thinking in it. But before all of this for centuries, we as Christians have been watched by the world.
Take last Friday night for instance. I had gone to see a good friend, Squire Parsons (singer/composer of "Sweet Beulah Land") who was in concert close by. By the way, please add him to your prayer list , he is battling a form of leukemia, which they caught in the early stages a year ago and seem to be controlling w/medication. But doing 3-5 concerts a week on the medication is very very difficult. Anyway, I stop on the way home to grab a Milo burger and fries to take home for Janell and I a late supper. (If God doesn't have these in heaven, we're going to have a serious discussion!) She is at home w/the grandkids. And at an intersection close to home, a pick-up turns right on red without stopping, and I have a green light making my left turn. when I realized he wasn't going to stop, I hit my brakes and my horn, and watched in horror as the sack with 'God's best on earth french fries" nose dived into my floorboard, and see those golden sticks of cholesterol, cheese salt and starch spread themselves across my passenger floorboard. Now it's a fact that I clean out my car twice a year whether the trash is touching the glovebox or not. And, had three or four weeks of newspapers (I read 'em at lunch) been in the floor I could have claimed the 30 second rule and Janell would never have known. But no, they made it to the floor mat which hasn't been vacuumed in a year (Don't look so pious, I know there's some of you just like me out there it's a work car for cryin out loud!) But as I realized the seriouness of my loss, not to mention the driver never slowed down, EVEN THOUGH HE SAW ME COMING, never pulled over to apologize or even knew of or offered to pay me for my loss, they saluted me with one finger and just kept on going like I was the one at fault. It's a good thing there won't be cars in Heaven, I'd be kicked out in a week. That's a whole 'nother story. But after I hollered "You stupid idiot" at the top of my lungs (and I have some pipes folks), I was reminded of what so many people have told me over the last ten years and a couple already in the last couple of months: We have been watching you, or "There were (are) people watching you". And even though I'm sure nobody heard me or saw my anger, I knew God did. And once again, I had let Him down. Remember, you may be the only sermon some people ever hear. What will they get out of it? Will it be enough for them to seek Him because they want what you have? And as someone once said , a picture is worth a thousand words. ( In case you're wondering, I stopped, got the fries that didn't touch the mat and finished filling Janell's cup. I put the remainder in mine after blowing them off real good. There are worse things than throwing away an order of Milo's french fries, ....I'm sure there are.... gimme time I'll think of one....
I'll be back, I'm still thinking......

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