Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trip Tidbits (Mon, Aug. 29)

We have arrived back home after an eventful conclusion to our Alaskan cruise. I'll pass that on in another post. The sights were awsome. We took a helicopter ride to the surface of a glacier and i actually got to drink glacier water while laying on the ice. 30 degrees with a 30 mile an hour wind! We took an old engine train ride up an old gold minig route that went up thousands of feet in elevation in old timey rail cars. We took a seaplane trip to see bear in their natural habitat in federaly protected grounds. We had to stand on the pontoons of the plane because we could not step out on land legally. We went whale watching Sat. night. Those were the exciting parts of the trip. But the down side is to the pounds I gained eating fresh pineapple and 3 or 4 meals everyday that my doctor is going to berate me for (not to mention Janell's chastisment) and I've got some serious dieting to do. I treid to enjoy myself with some restraint, but wasn't as successful as Janell.
As far as pictures, I will have to wait untill we get them on a disc where I can try to learn how to pull them off and post them. If you knew what I did to the pictures on the memory card when the 2nd grandbaby was born, you'ld understand why I will wait till the disc is made. Believe it or not, I truly missed Facebook, reading and praying for prayer requests on GPW's page, and just the comraderie. It will take a while to get back into a routine, but will jump back in with both feet.
FYI, I start revival services this Sunday at New Faith Baptist in Pleasant Grove this coming Sunday morning w/Bro. Doug Moore (former pastor at Bethel Baptist in Pleasant Grove) doing the preaching. I haven't sung in over 3 weeks, so I have to get back in voice pretty quickly. Your vocal nodes are muscle and since I haven't worked them out in a while, I'll have to do some serious shower singing this week!. Poor Janell, pray for her ears. Hope some of you will come out to at least hear some good preaching.
I'll be back...

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