Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, October 21, 2011

Time Released Medicine

(Oct. 6, 2011)

Frank here: This has been another of those weeks when for some reason, my mind is reliving different days in the hospital with Garrett. Mainly the last time I was able to speak to him and he could respond before they put him to sleep, and the morning we held his hand and watched his chest rise for the last time. I've thought back to the day that we took him to church, a few weeks old, and dedicated him to the Lord, just as we had done our other two. And it has been really thought consuming, hard to concentrate at work, and night dreams full of Jenn's and Garrett's faces. Waking is almost a relief each morning.

And then last night, I am contacted by a former co-worker of Janell's from years back. I sang at her husbands funeral and she attended Garretts. But she knew nothing of FB. She said God had just put me on her heart last week and she had been praying for us, and out of the blue asked her pastor that if she could get in touch with me, would they have me come down for their 5th Sunday night singing. He was excited about it, and so she was calling to ask if I'd be available. I was just floored by what seems to me to be a God thing. Then at church tonight as I'm in the sanctuary doing one of my weekly solitary practices where I just sing to different tracks for an hour or so, my pastor comes in and says the Birmingham Baptist Assoc is interested in me singing/speaking at a pastors meeting/luncheon in February, and he also feels God wants me to take a Sunday morning at our church and share with our folks what I feel God is doing in my life. I am taken aback at this because for any pastor to yield his pulpit on a Sunday morning is just, well, special.
So it appears I will be in revival at New Faith Baptist in Pleasant Grove Oct 23rd thru the 28th. I'll be in Stanton/Maplesville on Sunday night, October 30th; speaking in the morning service at FBC Sandusky on Nov. 13th, tentatively in Gulfport Miss Sunday morning, November 27th, and hopefully, Lord willing that same evening speaking somewhere between Gulfport and Hueytown, and then The BBA Pastors luncheon in February. And somewhere in there, if He provides the means, I'll be going into studio to cut a CD, which has been a prayer request for years, and I feel the time is near, just waiting for him to confirm it. This has been the right medicine at the right time. And we all know He's never late.

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