Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, June 17, 2011

Back Home Again

Well, we're back home again, got to see both grandsons this afternoon and still have the 1 yr old to spend the night with us. Stayed very busy while we were gone. The intent was to get R&R, but it wound up being how much entertainment could we pack into 3 full days. Big Mistake!. It kinda kept our mind off of things, but in the interim, wore us out. Dumb idea Frank.
I have caught up with the prayer requests on Garrett's Prayer Page and it is amazing how this idea from Janis has mushroomed. I'm still having issues with this whole series of events and the good that is supposed to come from all this. I understood how 9/11 brought together a nation in prayer, but why did it cost thousands of lives to accomplish it? I understand how God has used my thouights and cries to bring Christians together for a common purpose, but why did it require the lives of my precious daughter-in-law and #3 Son ( I called him that sometimes and he always signed my Fathers Day cards that way.......)? I'm feeling very selfish lately, and a lot poorer. They say a man's fortune is his family. And I've lost half of my fortune. I'm very grateful for the old and new friends I've been blessed with, schoolmates and past aquaintances that I've heard from that I never really thought would remember me. And yet, I feel this loss so much harder than Brandon's. Over 4 years, we knew that his cancer had never had a survivor. But still, it was four years. This 5 1/2 weeks of small baby steps forward and big steps backward, The Garrett Coaster, has really taken a toll.
I tried to do "It Is Well", 10 years ago at Brandon's funeral. And I've tried to do it every year since on his homegoing anniversary. I'll be a week late this Sunday, but not time to break a tradition. I also start revival services at Steep Creek Baptist church, (about 20 miles south of Montgomery) on Sunday the 29th, morning service only, then M-W at 7:00. (Yes I leave work at 4:00 and drive down each night). This an annual engagement and if you're close to that neck of the woods, come see us. I'll be heading back to work this Monday. Hope you're all in church this Sunday, and please talk with your Dad, if possible.

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