Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Sunday, June 19, 2011

From One Father to Others and Friends

As I sit here and dwell on the fact that I will be facing a Father's Day this year just like I did in 2001 (for Brandon went home on June 10th), I have been forever touched by a message forwarded to me that a father out there in FB land, has accepted Christ as his Saviour, as a result of my ramblings and scriblings. And I realize that there may be some other Dads who have kept up with our journey through a wife or reading on their own, but yet may not know the assurance that I know that I will see my loved ones, especially my daughter -in law and 2 sons, again. And sooner than a lot of people may think.
I hope that it, the reality of seeing them again is a promise from God, was made plain and simple in the funeral service of Garrett. But if there are those dads or others reading, who do not have that assurance inside, may I share with you briefly how you may receive it.
Before the beginning of time, there was God the Father, God the son (- Jesus was his earthly name), and God the Holy Spirit. When God decided to create man, in His image, Adam was that man. And after him, God created Eve. But because of their disobedience to God, sin came into the world. Prior to that act, man walked had with God in the Garden of Eden. But no longer could that be. Man was eternally separated from God, because God cannot and will not co-exist with sin. As a result of this separation, physical and spiritual death had occurred and God's heart was heavy, because He loved us so much after having created us. The only way for us to ever join Him in Heaven, required that someone who had never, ever siinned,  pay for the sins of all mankind. And God the Son, was implanted in Mary's womb, supernaturally, and lived a perfect, sinless life for 33 1/2 years. Then, when the divinely appointed time came for Him to die for us, at our hands, he was crucified on a cross. But just as He had promised his followers, on the 3rd day after His death, He overcame death, hell and the grave by coming back to life and returning back to His Father in Heaven. The price for sin, which we all have been cursed with, is eternal separation from God in a real place called Hell. And yes it is real. People ask how can a loving God send people to Hell?. The answer is that He does not send man to Hell, He allows man to choose for himself, if he will serve Satan or God. Your choice determines where you will spend eternity. If you will, in a prayer, admit to Him that you are a sinner, (we all are!), that you believe Jesus did all this for you, and that you want Him to live in your heart and let Him guide you in the path that God wants you to walk in, the you too will enjoy the promise of eternal life.
Now, as you can see from my own testimony, You are not promised a rose laden path to Heaven. But God promises to never leave you or forsake you, and promises that He'll get you through lifes heartaches and pains. And one day, whether it is through the valley of death, or in the Rapture when Jesus returns to take us all home (which I personally believe is before this worlds great tribulation and Armagedon), you will spend eternity with Him and with all who make that decision before it's too late.
I hope this all makes sense to those who read it, but I would not be doing justice to Brandon's, Garrett's and Jennifer's memory and lives if I failed to present this to all who read or keep up with my writings.
I'll be back.

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