Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The day started out innocent enough. I had plans to try to clean the back yard up as best I could in a day, because next weekend brings friends and family in for the holiday weekend to eat and use our pool like it's meant to be used. Janell was going to tackle the inside and start trying to make a dent in 8 weeks of throwing stuff here and there, misplaced items and just plain ole elbow grease. Things ground to a sudden halt when she discovered, on the chest freezer in the laundry room, Garretts Easter basket that the Easter Bunny always fills and he has yet to come get. The same one we brought him home in 25 years ago on Easter Sunday weighing a whopping 4 lbs. We both lost it. Then, after trying to regain some sense of dignity, we briefly discuss some plans we're making for between now and Christmas. We've got t oremove and store the baby furniture when Logan (now 1) gets to where he can sleep in a big boy bed, cause Janell's antique bedroom suite is at her mom's and must come back home after 25 years away. It's then she remembers that because Kevin and Marlo will have no more kids, theres no use saving it the baby furniture for Jennifer's and Garretts, as was the plan. Here we go again. Then as we go to another room to make some headway, there are the baby clothes of Ethan & Logan we saved for our next one. And a huge stuffed duck that we planned to give J&G's first boy because of a silly picture we had made of Garrett wearing a litte baby outfit that he wore that had a duck bill on a hat. He hated it, but Kevin' has used the picture for blackmail. Here comes the rain again. But finally, one of the grandkids arrive early, as they're both going to spend the night tonight. And then a little humor (sarcasm) lightens the day. While I'm outside blowing off the concrete deck around the pool, I accidently drop my running gas blower in the pool, and have to jump in after it. Funny, but it's not running when I get my hands on it near the drain. Come on God, I could have used at least one miracle! What this day has done, has made me long for, pray for and beg for the Rapture to happen real soon. Like before Christmas. Because I don't think when we pull out our boxes of decorations that hold their childhood ornament creations with their names and/or pictures on them, that have lovingly adorned every tree for the last 27years, in about 5 months, that their will be enough Kleenex boxes to suffice. Maybe we just won't put away the beach towels.
I'll be back.

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