Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


 Frank here: As I have stated before, these posts are strictly done on my own. I don't know that Kevin has read any of them, and Janell doesn't do FB so I doubt she has seen any. So these thoughts that I try to convey are just that, my thoughts. My wife and son deal with this nightmare in their own ways, but rest assured, they are both Christians. Sometimes they wish I'd just keep quiet because I tend to talk way too much. So this way I can "talk" and if they don't want to "hear" me, they don't have to. I'm sure all of you know people like me that can't shut up. But they are very appreciative of all the prayers and kind words, because I do convey to them everyone's best wishes. Love to everyone! 8-)


  1. Hi Frank. I found you originally on FB. (I'm prayers for baby Cooper).

    I am only just now reading your story here. My heart breaks for you and your fsmily, but there is so much comfort and love knowing that your boys and Jennifer (and their doggie) are all rejoicing in heaven.

    So much love and prayers to you and yours.


  2. in my thoughts and prayers for you i've asked why if you were gonna take him anyway why didnt he go with jennifer. I believe it is partly because of your testimony and ability to show God to those in such a horrifying time in your life. Keep talking i often repost you on fb knowing that your soeaking Gods truth to those you may not know