Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fri. June 3

9:15 am

Not much to report again from Garett Coaster Central. An un-eventful night is welcome. His oxygen level remains low but the carbon dioxide level is rising which is not good. But this comes with the territory of ARDS. I pray by his bedside everytime I go in that God would heal him and raise him up. Healing will come if he's called home, but I prefer heal and raise up.
His Prayers for Garrett Jones FB page has crossed the 4,000 mark and climbing. Where is Shaun Hannity when you need him? Shouldn't Fox News be reporting this? LOL, just kidding, Janis Hill and my sister Stephanie are doing a great job. There is also a Praying For Garrett if you want to read the history of this journey. I'm not sure I typed it correctly, but you'll probably be able to find it.
Expecting a Miracle, More later.......

6:15 PM
It is really good to be back in the mountains where its not so hot. Looking at the Little Pigeon River, and trying to decide if I go in and wade or .....wait a minute,.... sorry, I must have dozed off. Thankfully a quiet Saturday in room 9524. No real changes, positive or negative. Sure long for the positive. Actually sitting here watching my #2 grandson having fun in the waiting room. Good therapy for the mind. But still, Prayers continue amidst the beeps of the infusion machines, humming of the air bed, and chatter of the staff. all a reminder that the world continues to turn, when sometimes you wish you could actually reverse it's rotation and take us back 40 days because of what we know now that we didn't know then. I guess my mind is needing to to take a vacation, so my fingers are translating.
Thank you everyone for lifting us up. Please try to have a great weekend, and remember in your prayers, all the victims of tornadoes both here, and in Joplin, and California and Massachusetts.

10 PM Update
Janell and I sit here looking at each other, and trying to decide if either or both of us go home tonight, and do we both stay or one of us come back. Decisions, decisions. Our oldest grandsons 3rd b'day party is tomorrow in Pleasant Grove park at 2:00, so we have to decide if we both attend or not. But Garrett is doing his part. He has been steady for about 48 hours now, no major change either way. And my C-pap machine is at home, calling my name. So whatever way we decide, we hope all of you have a blessed night, and Tiny Man, we love you. Expecting a miracle!

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  1. Our Father who art in heaven...Hail Mary, full of grace...Glory be to the Father...AMEN!