Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I knew when I was 12 years old that I wanted to be involved somehow with church music. My mom says when I was three years old, I would stand beside her on the pew and wave my arms when the music director was directing. She knew then that I would be in music. Since the age of 4 i have been in some kind of choir or audition group, as some of you that grew up with me know so well. So I have always felt "called" to be in church music. For 15 years I strictly did supply and interim  services (fill-ins for lay people) and stayed very busy doing that, because there was a great need for it. Then in 1989 I went to Sandusky FB to "fill-in" till they could find some one. I've been filling in for 21 years. But I was called to Sandusky by God and it was very clear to me it was His will. But SFB did not have a youth program, and my three sons were heavily involved at Cottage Hill Baptist, so we decided to be a split family on Sundays and Wed's. And though I've never regretted it, it was very hard on me mentally. But I knew I was where God wanted me.
Over the last 2 or 3 years though, I have been restless and have asked God many times to open a door for me to go and minister to another congregation if it was His will. Even allow me the honor of spreading His word in a solo ministry or with a Southern Gospel group. Our demographics have changed in the area, and our church is steadily declining. But I was also feeling ashamed that Brandon had seen such a response to his  3 1/2 yr ministry, and 38-40 years for me had never really shown anything, in my opinion. I really wanted to continue telling Brandon's story as he had done, but maybe adding some of my music library with it. But again, no doors have been opened for that either. I write all this to say that so many of you have commented that possible avenues of different ministry could be in my future. I'll just ask that every once in a while, when God puts this undeserving servant on your mind, just ask Him to make His plan clear to me, to open doors where He sees fit, and spell it out to this dumb ole geezer. Although I had asked for a ministry similar to Brandon's because I wanted to make a difference in the Kingdom, I never meant for Him to do it under these circumstances. I would have been very happy just spreading Brandon's amazing journey. I guess you better be careful what you ask for. I don't ask for suggestions, pats on the back or any acclaims. Just a prayer now and then that I stay in His will.

(Posted Sun. June 19 @11:19pm on Frank's FB page. Sorry, having computer probs.)

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