Garret and Jennifer Jones

Garret and Jennifer Jones
Garrett and Jennifer Jones

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When You Least Expect It

I'm beginning to feel like the lady that writes Harry Potter series. She knows everyone is waiting for her next saga or volume. I don't say that braggingly, just kindy scary. I don't even know what I'll scribble, much less have a title yet, so that will come when I finish.
Two days back at work, and it's going easier than I thought, thanks to the prayers of everyone. Yes, I had forgotten so many of the codes and "next steps" that I thought I knew, but it all got compessed into a small micro-chamber of my grey mass and I'll be dog-goned if I could pull it back out at will. Patience, Frank patience.
Blessings should be recognized, first and foremost to Him who sends them. But also to those who have been praying for them to come to those in need. I share this with you, just to show you how God provides. I've already cried over it so maybe now I can write it. The law firm that I sought out for help was so incredibly kind and considerate when we first contacted them for help in getting legal rights to make decisions, both medical and financial, for Garrett while he was incapacitated. They would not let me pay them for their services. Well, when things moved to a level that we had hoped they wouldn't, all the previous work was for naught and we had to start over. I this time insisted on covering "expenses", and they reluctantly agreed to let us. We were not sure what this would come to, but simply trusted God. And paid for it when it came time, through the generous gifts of so many of you. This afternoon an old aquaintance who Ive not heard from in some time, came to our house, unannounced, and met me in my driveway. He and his wife shared his concern and prayers for us, handed me a card and said his church just wanted to help us in some small way. I thanked them both, hugged his neck and went back inside to other "company" who was there. At supper, I opened the card, read a very sweet message from the church, and inside another envelope was a check that replaced what we had paid the attorneys, to the penny. So, thank you, our friends at Concord Baptist Church, 99.9% of whom I don't even know, but are brothers and sisters in Christ. You had no way of knowing, but God sent a powerful message through you tonight.
I'll be in revival service Sunday morning (and M-W nights) just 20 minutes south of Montgomery. If there is a church around there or between Montgomery and Birmingham, who would like a small message in music Sunday night, I'll be available and it won't cost you a penny (not that anybody should ever pay for a "shower singer"). Just get in touch with me through this media, or
I'll be back.

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